The Ultimate NFT Platform

equipping creatives with the tools to turn
concepts into creations


Elevate your Idea today

we make NFTs as simple as they can be.

Welcome to the revolutionary platform that will provide creatives with the tools to
create next-level NFTs and usher in the new era of digital assets.


we partner with the top NFT artists in the game, and work with distinguished brands & individuals to create custom works of art

coming soon

the ultimate NFT Platform
-easily create or amplify pieces using drag and drop solutions
-artist-centric marketplace

late 2021/early 2022

‘a la carte’ platform that enables brands from varying of industries to effortlessly create & deploy their own custom NFT marketplace

think galleries, online auctions, and event ticket sales

Buy the ‘NFTLabs’ token!

First available to the public on July 2nd. Read the whitepaper or scroll below for more information on the utility of our coin.
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Have an artist create an NFT for you

work with our team of expert artists to create a custom piece of work from the ground up

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‘The NFT Lab’

build your passion
create what you love
design your dream

we believe that virtual assets are a way of the future, and should be simple, affordable, and accessible to all who need them

that’s why were building the The NFT Lab platform  that will provide creatives with drag and drop tools to create & amplify their own NFTs. These pieces can then be listed on our artists centric marketplace where transactions are conducted with ‘NFTLabs’ token. 

—beta coming soon—

‘a la carte’ platform

Once we’ve masterded our own NFT marketplace, we’ll deploy the “a la carte” platform that will enable brands to effortlessly create their own NFT marketplaces & digital asset distribution networks.

Galleries, auctions houses, or any enterprise distributing digital assets can build on top of and white-label the platform to build the best product that fits their brand.

‘NFTLabs’ token is set to serve as the central currency accross these platforms
more information coming soon

‘NFTLABS’ coin

BEP-20 token built on the binance smart chain


10,000,000,000 – max/initial supply
2,480,000,000- burned on day one

2% fee on transactions:
half (1%) is redistributed
half (1%) is automatically added to Liquidity pool

whitelisted private presale completed June 28th
public presale completed July 1st
launched on July 2nd

Initial Supply

Max Tokens
10 Billion
Tokens Burned (pre-launch)
2.48 Billion



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